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Introducing…Our New Executive Director, Kate Hix!

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Kate & Daughter Maya

Zilker Theatre Productions is thrilled to introduce our new Executive Director, Kate Hix!

Kate attended her first Zilker Summer Musical in 1989 and was instantly hooked. She dreamed of being on the stage one day—years later, she realized her dream was actually to help continue mounting the musical so that her children and grandchildren can experience the magic of outdoor theatre. Kate received her undergraduate degree in Social Policy from Northwestern University and graduated from the University of Texas School of Law. After practicing law for several years, she realized she wanted to pursue non-profit management. Kate served as the Director of Operations for Austin Voices for Education and Youth for over two years and as a ZTP Board member and Grants Coordinator for three years before becoming ZTP’s first Executive Director in August of 2013. As Executive Director, Kate manages legal, financial, regulatory and human resources issues for ZTP, as well as overseeing fundraising and Board relations. Kate has been singing and acting since childhood, and her 1-year-old daughter has already gotten the bug– she dances all through music class! Kate has already brought so much to the organization and we are lucky to have someone with such experience and passion for the arts on our team!  Welcome Kate!


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