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Got The Surrey, Need The Fringe!

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Amplify Austin Is Coming! ~ March 20, 6pm – March 21, 6pm

Help Us Reach Our Goal of Raising $20,000!

Your dollar goes farther during these 24 hours because Amplify Austin will match a portion of all donations!

3 Ways To Get ‘Amped Up!

#1 Create your own Amplify Austin Champion page. It only takes a few minutes! Then, using social media, email blasting, etc., reach out to your network of family, friends and co-workers to raise money for this wonderful organization. The deadline for creating your own fundraiser page is 12pm, Thursday, March 20.

#2  Why wait? Pre-schedule your donation now!

#3 Can’t give? Help us spread the word! Like us on Facebook & follow us on Twitter, share our status on all your social media, and forward our newsletter to your friends & family.

Get ‘Amped Up’ and help us bring the 56th Annual Zilker Summer Musical Oklahoma!,
to The Hillside, Summer 2014!

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