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Meet John Faulk – Director of Development & Community Affairs

John joined ZTP as a volunteer in 2008 when he came to see the 50th Anniversary musical and noticed the Hillside Theatre needed a great deal of work. A realtor by trade, John had a lot of connections within the community that he leveraged to help build a new bunker for the theatre at no cost to ZTP or the City of Austin  Over the past 6 years, John has utilized his expert skills in sales to secure over $600,000 of improvements to the venue through a wonderful private/public partnership with the COA Parks and Recreation Department. Because of John’s tireless efforts to improve the venue, ZTP created the John Faulk Award in 2012 to honor an individual or company that contributes, in partnership with ZTP, to the upkeep and improvements of the city-owned Bevelry S. Sheffield Zilker Hillside Theatre. In 2010, John also began approaching businesses and individuals to sponsor the Annual Summer Musical. He was so successful in raising funds for ZTP that he was hired as a part-time fundraiser the following year. John’s  passion for ZTP’s mission has translated into a major increase in revenue year after year. In 2013, John became the Director of Development and Community Affairs, and he continues to supervise venue improvements. John is also a devoted husband, father and grandfather, delivers a mean Elvis impression and has been involved in vocal music all of his life.