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Hillside Etiquette 101

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How much is parking? Where do we sit? How tall do the chairs need to be? Can we bring our pets?

These are all common questions about attending the Zilker Summer Musical and the City of Austin has asked us to pass along information on the seating policies at the Beverly S Sheffield Theater.

  • To keep The Hillside lush & green, blankets may not be put down before 6pm and plastic tarps are not allowed. Unattended blankets will be lovingly folded by City employees and placed on the wall for pick-up.
  • Our ADA accessibility allows for designated seating for our audience members with special needs. The first level (stage level) will be available for these patrons. Please contact us if you feel you will need any special assistance.
  • High-backed lawn chairs are allowed against either wall, & lower chairs and blankets can be placed in front of the lighting poles on the 2nd level. A clear walkway on the 2nd level must be maintained at all times.
  • ZTP often needs to reserve spaces for our cast members families as well as our donors. Please respect these marked areas.
  • Austin in known for it’s friendliness and in order to make the most  efficient use of The Hillside we encourage you to place your blankets as close together as possible. Get to know your neighbors! Take up only as much room as you need! Or offer to share with those in less fortunate viewing spots!
  • Please leave your pets at home. We have found that the subtleties of musical theatre are lost on most household pets.
  • After the curtain call, the actors will line up at the edge of the stage to sign autographs, and have their pictures taken. (Hillside Tip: Bring your own Sharpie marker!). Please remain in front of the stage at all times, & keep a close eye on your children!
  • The City of Austin charges $5 per car for parking and there is limited handicapped parking in the lower parking lot.

ZTP and the City of Austin appreciate your help in following these rules. Contact one of our volunteers when you get to The Hillside if you have any questions.



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