Zilker Theatre Productions

From the newsletter…

Venue Improvements

The Hillside Theater Gets Some Much Needed Electrical Work!

Since 2008, ZTP & the City of Austin have spearheaded over $500,000 in improvements & renovations at the Beverly S. Sheffield Hillside Theater. Owned by the City of Austin, this venerable space is utilized by multiple arts groups throughout the year including Ballet Austin and Austin Shakespeare. This year, phases 1 & 2 of the electrical renovation have been completed totally approximately $41,000 of improvements & repairs. Improvements included replacing the breaker panel, creating new shelving arrangements, installing a locking door into the light booth for added safety & security, adding and replacing weatherproof outlets, adding additional power circuits, & repairing the old conduit for the existing circuits. All of these improvements will make the Hillside Theater a more efficient, safe and professional venue.

A huge thank you goes out to the following for making this project possible:

Lloyd Bluhm and Elk Electric, Jason Amato & Patrick Anthony,  Wesley Lau and Encotech Engineering Consultants,  Michael Reichart & Home Depot, and Austin Energy. A special thank you to Laura Esparza & Sarah Hensley and Austin’s PARD whose partnership made this project possible!

John Faulk – Project Manager


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